Final Battle

Stress is everywhere. Everyone is cramming their STR posters, powerpoint presentations, final papers, Physics laboratory report, Mathematics V reflection paper + bonus papers, Economic reflection paper, Filipino balagtasan (a form of poem wherein the two sides “throw” their ideas to one another in a poetic way) piece, Economics dayorama (a miniature of our “ideal” city), and 2 dances for our Physical Education final practicum.


So much stress but so little time. Most of us are already getting sick. Not that I am complaining and all other crap. It’s just that I’m worried about our health. Graduation is just some weeks away but I wish they could have moved those requirements.  Giving them right after our periodical examinations, oh come on.

We are all tired after those sleepless nights spent for reviewing. What’s left for us is 2 freaking nights. Monday would be our PE practicum and on Tuesday is our science conference. It’s hard for us who have just finished our research projects. We don’t have the time required to create a ‘scholarly’ output that they want.

They may say that not only us students are busy but hey, You only have to think of one subject and on how to make it difficult, err I mean challenging for us. You GIVE us our requirements, you do not DO them. 

Being a high school student isn’t as easy as what I thought. I never imagined the last weeks of my high school to be hellish.



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