You see, I’ve been stanning this group [Bang Tan So Nyeon Dan] since their pre – debut days but it’s just that their charm never gets old. It feels like I can never get enough of them and the feels that they give me.

As you all know, I stopped giving a da*n about my grades and school right after the first month of high school [that was four years ago] but now that I’m in college and after I found BTS, they have managed to knock me back to my senses. How could I waste such a great opportunity while a lot of kids want to study but they can’t? I’m not saying that I’m really at it again but I’m doing my best to be back. I wasted four years, my neurons have deteriorated, the knowledge that I once had have been piled up and pushed at the very back of my brain so now, I’m digging them up.

Maybe you’re asking how BTS got involved in this. It’s simple – they work so hard and they inspire me so much. Yeah, a lot of idol groups work hard but I don’t know how to define it to non – ARMYs. BTS is different. Their words struck me so much specially Namjoon oppa’s words about how one should try it for 10 years first before making the decision to either drop it or live with it.

Their song lyrics are just so realistic that almost anyone can relate to them. They don’t sugarcoat the truth to please anyone. They do not lie about the bitter reality of life. They are a tad bit awkward. They commit mistakes and they do admit it. They always fool around like kids. They are not trying to make us believe that they are perfect. They are not afraid to shed their tears and show their real emotions to us ARMYs. They treat us as friends and family members – not just fans who can never reach them.


Well, yeah. I have made a vow to myself that I will change for the better so that when I meet BTS in person, I am already someone that they can look at without having any doubts if I’m faking it or not. Day 400 is approaching fast and changing isn’t a piece of cake.

BTS inspires people even those that they do not know existed. I am proud to say that I am a fan of BTS – I am an ARMY who will protect Bang Tan from the bullets [bad mouthings and such] that the haters and judgers throw.


Photo credits:

most are from twitter and screencaps.


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