I’m not being rebellious but I truly like the lyrics. The truth that most of us tried to neglect and hide is shown fearlessly. It’s very straightforward and the song was written not to beat around the bushes. This is one of the reasons why I like Bang Tan ❤ You know, the list will go on and on but this one’s among THE TOP reasons so yeah. I thought I ought to share it to everyone *~*


This is a girl HIPHOP group, I tell you :)) Aren’t they lovely?

“Dreams disappeared, there was no time to rest
It’s a cycle of school, home or an Internet cafe
Everyone lives the same life
Students who are pressured to be number one live in between dreams and reality

Who is the one who made us into studying machines?
They classify us to either being number one or dropping out
They trap us in borders, the adults
There’s no choice but to consent
Even if we think simply, it’s the survival of the fittest
Who do you think is the one who makes us step on even our close friends to climb up? What?

Adults tell me that hardships are only momentary
To endure a little more, to do it later

Everybody say NO!
It can’t be any later
Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream


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