Man of my Dreams

My dreams with you in it started years ago.

Your then unfamiliar presence lingering every night,

familiar yet unknown silhouette present in every place I go to.

Usually, it would have been scary but since it’s you, I feel alright.

 Tall and manly stature,

not too wide but not too narrow shoulders,

hair that looks so soft and silky,

and skin that is so fair and milky.

I can’t see your identity clearly,

only the silhouette of your face and body;

along with your smile that is so cheeky,

whenever I see a glimpse, my knees go jelly.

I often tell my friends about you

but then they always call me a childish fool.

“Grow up already, will you?

Stop dreaming about that prince and wipe that drool.”


Reality did hit me hard.

Are you just a part of my imagination?

Does waiting and wanting for you makes me a retard?

Are you just a product of my depression?

Now, I’m in a turmoil of emotions,

and thinking about you makes me sob.

In my heart, I felt a stab

and dreams of you never had any continuations.

Three years have passed by since your last appearance

I had to survive 1095 and 3/4 nights of loneliness.

Every night, I still long for your presence

and that smile of yours that wipes away my sadness.

 © @Smiley_Noona



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