Dear Cupid

I hate it. I hate how much I had to pretend that I don’t see you even if our eyes meet. I hate how much I had to pretend that I was looking at something else even though we both know that it’s you. Why does it hurt so much? Maybe because I know that you were never mine? That you’re just naturally good to everyone and I was just too foolish to think that there might have been something that’s special between you and me?



You and me never existed. It’s just me and my imagination. I hate how I have to walk on a different path way now since you and your girl always takes the path that I usually go through. It hurts to see you smile like that – so warm, so alive and very happy.





Does Cupid resent me? Why is it that he never shoot an arrow to the guy that I like? Why is it always one sided and why does it have to be me? I’m tired of being hurt and heart broken. I’m so close to being tired of believing that there’s someone who’s really meant for me to be with.



Cupid, I hope you’ll let me and my heart rest. Let it heal. Give me time  to rejuvenate. I’m tired of all the pains and I pity my heart for it has received thousands of needless beatings already. Please. Give me a break. 


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