Nowadays, I really feel elated and inspired. It’s a bit late because the semester’s ending and I only focused now but better late than never, right? Most students might feel like how I did before. I still feel like this occasionally but I try to outsmart myself.

Is the stress eating you alive? Are you depressed because of your grades, lack of sleep and mountains of papers to finish? Do you regret slacking off and not doing those things immediately? Well, we’re all with you in that boat. We’re in school, that’s why. I used to sulk and cry at night while thinking about these things but then again, doing that didn’t really help at all. It just made me feel even more down, depressed and annoyed at myself.

Since it’s a well-known fact that I like K-Pop (a lot, as in A LOT), I used that as my salvation. It used to distract me (until now, to be honest but I’m trying to tame it) but I don’t like to see things negatively so I overturned the boat. I used Kpop as my inspiration. I know that my idols, biases (husbands, namchin, name it- I’ve called them that) have SO MANY fans that I will be just another face in the sea of crowd even if I attend all of their events so I’ve made a resolve for myself.

I’m going to study hard and then try to excel in my field and then make my name known then somehow, I hope that we will be aware of each other’s presence. Big dream, but definitely not impossible. I want him to be happy and proud to say that he has a fan like me. I want our relationship to be something like that – something that will make him feel proud and happy.

Yes, I’ll try to be more focused now with my academics but that doesn’t mean that I will not spazz (that’s just really impossible lol)

Plus, my parents agreed to my pleadings. After I finish geology and passed the board (2 years more of college + review for board exam), they agreed to let me study dance and pursue my passion – which is to perform. Yes, I will try hard because I really want to do this. A few years of more sacrifices shouldn’t stop my dreams.

To those who are struggling like me, let’s do this. I know we can 🙂 Smile and use your hobbies, biases and passions as your inspirations.


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