Night of Thoughts

So it finally materialized – after so many weeks of planning and self – convincing, I finally ‘jogged’ after the UP MBT vs ADMU game.

I had so many thoughts running through my head and I just had to sort them out (I trieeeeed). First, I tried to jog because

1.) I want to clear my mind and try to see if I’m going through the right path or if I should turn around and go the other way
2.) I’m an applicant and physicals is a part of their app process so I really have to be fit enough not to drag down my batchmates???
3.) health issues. My heart can’t handle so much pressure from my weight so it skips some beats.
4.) I made a self-resolution during the game. I’ll jog the number of points that the other team has against us (if we’ll lose lol. )

So what’s the outcome?

1.) I found out that many hunks jog around the acad oval when there’s not much people. LOLJK (well, partly? haha) It’s just that there are people pala who really jog when there’s nobody else watching them.
2.) I wasn’t able to sort my thoughts huhuhu
3.) I’m still wide awake and it’s already 1:37 am
4.) dang it, maybe I was too ambitious to actually aim for 9 laps haha. I only managed to finish 3 and most of it was composed of me panting like a rabid dog while walking and sweating like fudge.


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