There’s a very high probability that this post will contain lots of incoherent words. Forgive me, I am fangirling right now. Pwede mo na ring sabihing kinikilig pa ako :”>

Yep, I am now a legit seventeen – year old girl.



Okay, so this thing’s in my drafts bin for almost 3 years now and I find it really hilarious. I remember when we were still sort of ‘seeing each other’ that time and you completed my birthday celebration. We ate out with friends and then we headed into that ice cream place that I really wanted to explore (I haven’t thanked you for that tho) and I must say that I did enjoy the nitrogen thing. You ended the night with a back hug. You know that that’s the second most ‘kilig’ thing for me (forehead kisses will always be the number one) and I went back to the dormitory with the biggest smile on.

But now, look at us. We’re almost like strangers to one another. Sure, we didn’t talk for almost 2 years (we still don’t and that’s sad) but at least, we no longer hate the sound of the name of one another.

Which brings me back to the reason why I dislike eating out with the person that I like. It somewhat became a taboo for me.


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